Hello there, I’m Lily!

In 2005 I was formally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an “incurable” autoimmune disease of the thyroid). Doctors told me that there was nothing I could do about my diagnosis and that eventually I would become reliant on synthetic thyroid medication for the rest of my life. Being complacent with my symptoms of depression, anxiety, bloating, constipation and incredible fatigue (because I didn’t know anything else!) I continued drinking 4-6 cups of coffee a day with heaps of sugar and cream, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and popping prescription pills to combat the dark cloud that loomed overhead. My dinners consisted of Mac & Cheese and Bagel Bites and I absolutely detested cooking, making myself scarce when people gathered to cook together. I had a juicer…it collected dust in the corner though. I knew that there had to be a correlation between what we eat and our level of health, but I wasn’t ready to open my eyes just yet.

Then at the age of 30 my life as I knew it changed forever and I was finally ready to take action. A few days before Thanksgiving I awoke with fiery hives all over my body – head to toe. This marked the start of an emotional and desperate 4-month search for answers. For 4 months, 24/7 I was covered in hives and experienced angioedema of the face. I barely went to work and was shuttled from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist. No one could offer an explanation other than it must be a symptom of my Hashimoto’s and certainly steroids was the answer.

WHAT?!?!  NO WAY!  Steroids weren’t going to correct the ROOT cause of my suffering!

I challenged my doctor by asking him, “What changes can I make in regard to my diet to help heal my condition?” to which he replied, “Nothing, there is nothing you can do.” I smiled though, realizing my purpose, and walked away never to return. Instead I began a life-changing, heart-opening journey into natural health via nutrition and the removal of toxins in my life. I got rid of toxic foods, toxic relationships, a toxic career, and learned how toxic thoughts play a profound role in the health of my physical body.

Today, I am a veggie-juice drinking, non-smoking, meditating, Nutritional Therapist and board certified Holistic Health Counselor who LOVES to cook yummy, nutritious healing foods. I am no longer exhausted all the time, my mood is so much lighter, and I feel much more stable these days! I am determined to continue healing my thyroid disease….naturally! More importantly, I want to help YOU take active steps towards living a happier, healthier life so you too can experience more joy and less frustration in life.

Love + Light,

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