“Lily was spot on!  I’ve seen a SIGNIFICANT drop in my hives.  It was almost instantaneous – took just about a week!  On top of that, I’ve lost 20 pounds!  The weight loss has been a pleasant side effect.  I really want to thank her for everything – the tips, links, and support!  To be honest, if it weren’t for her and her suggestions, I’d probably still be miserable, frustrated, and wondering what was wrong with me.”

Natalie S.


“Lily is my wellness expert!  I love that I can talk to her and not feel judged.  Lily knows her stuff and isn’t pushy, yet she still provides information to help move people in the right direction.  She has personal anecdotal stories about her own struggles and understands how hard it can be to accomplish life balance.”

Lin G.


“Lily has truly impacted my life in a positive way. Her insight and ability to ask the right questions that push me to think about my life in a different way has been truly influential. I spent many hours discussing my fears, hopes, and problems with her and she introduced me to a new way of viewing the world that opened my eyes to the barriers I was putting in my own way of attaining happiness. She pushed me to be open-minded and seek resources and additional coaching outside of my comfort zone. In addition, she shared her own experiences and how changing not only her outlook but also her diet impacted her mental and physical health. She showed me that everything is connected both mentally and physically and how each affects the other in our overall health and happiness in our lives. I can honestly say that I am a much happier, healthier person having met Lily and I hope others get the opportunity to feel the positive impact that she has left on my life.”

Sara S.


“Lily was both my inspiration and my teacher and I am lucky to have her in my life.  Lily was able to customize a plan for me to gradually/painlessly make changes for the better.  It has been a work in progress, but Lily has been right there with me every step of the way helping to guide me and motivate me.  Lily motivated me by sharing tips and her own personal journey with making healthy changes. Lily truly leads by example and she is so exuberant about living a healthy life that one can’t help feeling excited too.  Lily is also a life-long-learner and she is always sharing new information with me that she has learned from her ongoing research.  Lily even had advice for me to help win over my husband to live cleaner because she had gone through the same thing with her husband. One of the many things that Lily shared that really resonated with my husband and I was how eating cleaner now should be thought of as an investment in our health – saving us money down the road on future health bills.  I could go on and on about how wonderful Lily is, but to sum it up, I would not have decided to, nor known how best to go about implementing healthy living if it weren’t for Lily. Because of her, I feel so much better and I know my future will be better because of the changes I have made and all of this would not be possible without Lily. She is a wonderful resource!”

Deb P.


“Lily has a gift of helping you through your struggles without making you feel pressured. She understands that you are human and mistakes may happen, but has a way of helping you get back on track. She is an extremely generous soul and I truly believe she was meant to share her wealth of health with us all! Through the years I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Lily came into my life when I was at my heaviest. She has helped open my eyes to the dangerous effects of “sugar free products” and aspartame in my diet. I am now on a successful weight loss journey that I credit entirely to Lily’s natural health knowledge.”

Kristen S.


“We all think we know what it means to be healthy. “Eat right and exercise.” Some may say go vegetarian, some may say avoid red meat, some may say avoid carbs. Lily’s nutritional expertise guides each client on a personalized health journey. We all think we know what it means to be healthy, but Lily opened my eyes to new factual information about my body and what it needs for optimal health. She then guided me on a nutritional journey—every phone session was eye-opening and inspiring. Lily’s mission is to help you achieve optimal health. She has found through her studies and her personal trials and tribulations how to achieve a healthy life, and that has inspired her to share her knowledge with us. She pinpointed exactly what is ailing me and we dove in headfirst and worked together on strengthening my immune system and gut. I have never felt more healthy and alive since starting with her program. If you are struggling with losing weight, or you feel tired, or you have brain fog, or you have irritable bowels, you will do yourself an immense service by working with Lily, for she will work tirelessly to get to the root of the issue. I was amazed by my positive results! Knowledge IS power! I am indebted to you, Lily. Thank you for being the most friendly, gentle, knowledgeable, inspiring, and enthusiastic health guru.”

Melanie R.


Having never worked with a nutritional therapist before, I was unsure what to expect. But when my husband gave me 3 months of sessions for Christmas, I was willing to give it a go. Lily was wonderful to work with. I learned so much about my conditions (tremor, fibromyalgia and digestive issues) and how my food choices were affecting them. She introduced me to several new foods and supplements that I had never heard of and encouraged me to try them. She made it so easy too! She provided an email recap of each phone session complete with recipes, all the products we had discussed and where to find them! I would recommend Lily to anyone who has a nutritional need and a desire to learn more about how what we eat affects us.

Cayrn T.

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